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Tenute Olbios is located in the north east side of Sardinia, a sub-region known as Gallura. This territory is particularly favourable to the production of the white grape variety Vermentino, which here expresses its best and unique characteristics.
This area has in fact the only DOCG of Sardinia: Vermentino di Gallura DOCG.

Daniela Pinna, owner and wine maker of Tenute Olbios, personally follows the vineyards that she has partly renovated, keeping alive and enhancing the old vines, mainly of native varieties Vermentino, Cannonau and Muristellu.

The principles applied in the field are inspired by natural cultivation. The goal is a winemaking that is as pure as possible, to obtain wines that transmit the deep bond with the land of origin and protect the environment. The choice to adopt this methodology is also functional to the delicate balance of the microflora and microfauna, where in particular bees play a fundamental role in the pollination and conservation of indigenous yeasts.

The origin of the grapes is exclusively from the own vineyards Vena Fiorita, Sussula and Piscolvei, soils consists of granite sand with a slight presence of clays. Granite is a rock composed of minerals such as quartz and feldspar that characterize the minerality of Tenute Olbios wines.

The winery is certified both SQNPI (National Integrated Sustainable Quality System) and Green Care (reduction of water and electricity consumption). No herbicides are used, treatments are limited and are carried out exclusively with products with a reduced environmental impact. The plants are not irrigated, this also allows their roots to go deep in search of water, absorbing minerality and character from the granite and sandy soil.

Traditional farming, hand pruning and binding with natural material (raffia). The harvest is strictly by hand and the grapes are transported in small boxes to the cellar.


Unique, elegant and with a personal touch.

Daniela is also the oenologist of Tenute Olbios, she takes care of all the different steps of the production, making sure that the wines preserve the authenticity of the grapes and the complexity of the aromatic notes.

Our wines are subject to very minimal and natural filtrations, the amount of sulfite used is very limited, which results in considerably healthier wines.

No animal products are used at any stage of the production and Tenute Olbios wines are 100% Vegan.

The winery is located at the center of the vineyard. The construction originates from an ancient building, completely renovated preserving the original structure in granite stone of the 19th century. The cellar is modernly equipped with steel tanks and is divided into the different operational areas.

- This mix of ancient and modern, tradition and innovation, distinguishes and gives character to the winery and the wine production. -
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