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Summanera has a clear mission: to preserve the historic viticulture of Sicily;
The work of research and vinification of native varieties continues constantly with dedication.
Love for the land and respect for nature has led the company to adopt organic farming to produce authentic and valuable wines by working side by side every day, and trying to respect the plants in the vineyard and the natural times of wine in the basement.
SUMMANERA creates territorial wines, elegant, capable of an expressive development as natural as possible, of great finesse and longevity.

Currently the winery has about 30 hectares of vineyards, 29 of which in western Sicily, precisely in the territory of Monreale and about 1 hectare at the foot of Etna volcano.

In the 2019 eager to discover other territories, they took the opportunity to settle in one of the most beautiful areas that the viticultural and natural landscape had to offer: The Etna
After months of research on the territory aimed at finding the ideal land to produce a red wine at the height of the greatest wines in the world, the perfect place was identified in the southern slope of the highest active volcano on the European continent, an area of extraordinary wine-growing potential .

The 43-year-old vines, grown as saplings, are located in C.da Sparadrappo, at the foot of the volcano at 700 s.l.m. and a South / South-West exposure, which allows Nerello Mascalese to best express the refinement of this unique territory.

Local wine growers have cultivated these lands for centuries, adapting cultivation techniques to the steep slopes of the mountain.
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