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Società Agricola De Luca S.R.L


De Luca’s brand tells a story of passion, perseverance, desire to grow and achieve results, in a land that is harsh and sweet at the same time.
It began in 19994 when a man, Abramo De Luca, lover of good wine and of his own "Melissese" land, began to make wine with the grapes of his estates, rich in native vines including the "Gaglioppo" and “Greco Bianco”. Vines of very remote origins linked to the landing of the Greeks in the areas of southern Italy around the eighth century BC.; together with the vines, Abramo De Luca followed the historical winemaking traditions, linked to the ancient method of growing vines "at Alberello", a technique practiced by the ancient population of Bruzi in the third century. B.C.
Work undertaken by the passion of Abramo is currently led by Vincenzo De Luca.
Thanks to his strong entrepreneurial skills, he is the head of a prestigious project, aimed at the transformation of that immoderate family passion into an ambitious business plan, directed towards the creation of an outstanding product, an oenological reference point for our region and always a perfect combination of flavors and culture of an ancient land.
The company is located in the Melissa’s hills, in Calabria, in an area rich in history and tradition in the Celsi and Santa Cernina funds, in the renowned area of D.O.C. Cirò and Melissa.
The particular structure of Calabrian soil, drought and harsh, provides a particular microclimate for the Gaglioppo varieties. The grapes are characterized by an early maturation due to the location between the sea and the mountains, so grapes ripen slowly and develop aromas and tastes. The entire production takes place from native vines advised and recommended, with historical wine-making traditions, obtained from vineyards planted on the slopes of the Melissa’s hills. The grape varieties used for the production of wines are Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco.
Our products are certified and possess organic certification.
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