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i Fanfaroni di G. e B. Simigliani srls


Everyone has always asked for our recipes. But you know, a real artisan never reveal his own secrets. So we’ve never done it, replying everyone many different recipes, never revealing the right one. That’s why our nickname: I Fanfaroni (translated “the braggart”). But we have always told everyone: Taste our products, because the truth of our receipes is in the taste.
We are innovative artisans, vine growers and Abruzzesi liquor producers, our secret ingredient is the time. We don’t regret long-lasting macerations if we reach the best result.
When i started i had a piece of land and a garage , i positioned a vineyard and i transformed the garage into a wine cellar , this is why i chosed the design of a garage as a symbol for our wine labels.
Today our farm has a vineyard of Montepulciano & Pecorino grapes, situated in Villamagna . Then we own a Black cherry field with more than 300 Black cherry plants, between the villages of Ripa Teatina and Francavilla al Mare. A Total of 3 hectares of land. Our business owns 2 craft workshops, a Cantina (winecellar) in Guardiagrele, at the bottom of Majella mountain and a liquorificio (craft distillery) in Ripa Teatina, on the top of the hills, facing the Adriatico Sea. The Brown Marsican bear identifies the strong and kind Abruzzo region, a unique species of bears that you can find only in our land. This brown bear is an endangered species because of the human impact on its habitat. For that, our logo represents our ethics, based on the harmony between humans and nature.
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