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EUVITIS 21 ATS srl - Ocone Vini 1910


More than a century after its founding, the Ocone Vini 1910 winery, located at the gates of the medieval village of Ponte in the province of Benevento, continues to exert today, thanks to its history and century-old tradition, all of its charm and importance in the winemaking history of the Sannio Valley which spans the slopes of Mount Taburno, an area, which thanks to its morphological and climatic characteristics, is endowed with the best environmental conditions for viticulture in the entire Campania region.
At the beginning of the XX century, with ingenuity and dedication, Giuseppe Ocone embarked on his entrepreneurial adventure as a winemaker and in 1910 opened his first establishment in the vicinity of the railway station in the small village of Ponte. Success was immediate and, in a short space of time, the Ocone Vini winery became a driving force for the agricultural activity of the Campania region, thrusting the brand into the limelight of the national market. Over time, the winery benefitted from the innovations and enthusiasm of the new generations and began a phase of renewal of its production capacity focusing essentially on the native grape varietals of the Sannio territory, namely Aglianico, Falanghina, Greco, Coda di Volpe and Piedirosso, the same varietals that still today characterize the ampelographic basis of its wines.
The year 2018, in a profoundly changed market characterized by high-competitive- ness, marks a fundamental milestone in the history of the winery: its acquisition by Euvitis 21 Agricoltura, Territorio e Sviluppo, a company name highlighting the cornerstones at the core of the new ownership’s entrepreneurial initiative and mission: to develop, in a modern and dynamic key, a productive reality of enormous potential, yet at the same time, respecting a highly recognizable territorial identity.
Hence, territorial enhancement and valorization becomes the central element and the dominant inspiring principle of the new business model, achieved, above all, via the vinification of native grape varietals cultivated and supplied by local Taburno vine-growers whose vineyards are located at circa 400 masl, on terrains of predominantly clayey soil. The particular micro-climate, influenced by the beneficial protective barrier of Mt. Taburno, together with the waters of the Calore river, combine to yield harvests of astounding quality.
A deep-rooted synergy embraces and characterizes the entire production process "from the vineyard to the winery", developed via a constant dialogue with the vine-growers and monitoring of the vineyards. This synergy, coupled with modern winemaking techniques, permits the obtainment of wines of the highest quality level, enabling Ocone Vini 1910 to become one of the leading wineries in the Campania wine landscape.
The "Ocone" brand is positioned in the mid-high segment of the market, offering premium and super premium wines from native grape varietals, denominated Aglianico del Taburno DOCG and Sannio DOC, in addition to the geographical indication Beneventano IGT. Its portfolio is composed of nineteen wines, subdivided into a classic, superior and historic selection. In every bottle, there is the same passion and the same desire to transmit the essence of a territory and its culture.
The winery is located in the Taburno (DOCG) area of the D.O.P. Sannio where the main grape varietal is Aglianico. Dating back to ancient times, this varietal, more than any other, is an expression of the essence and identity of this territory and to which Ocone Vini 1910 gives central importance in its portfolio with 4 wines, Anàstasi, Vigna Pezza La Corte, Diomede and Apollo, each of which, with its own particularity, represent the best possible ways to propose this great varietal.
Of notable importance, is also its production of white wines, with a prominent role afforded to the Falanghina grape varietal, an ancient white grape varietal that equally conveys the essence and identity of this territory: two wines, Diana, vinified exclusively in steel, imbued with elegant and delicate floral aromas and its cru Vigna del Monaco, matured in wood, which over time develops notes of honey and golden apple.
The prestigious and authoritative awards obtained from internationally acclaimed wine critics such as James Suckling, Wine Spectator and The Wine Hunter, testify and highlight the winery’s constant and continual quest to produce wines of the upmost quality.
In recent times, more than half of the wine produced has catered for the export market: U.S.A, Japan, Great Britain, Canada, China, South Korea, Poland, and the Baltic countries being among its principal partners.
The historicity of the "Ocone" brand, undoubtedly represents the departure point and driving force for Euvitis 21 in the realization of its project, future goals, and ambitions, characterized by a creative process that makes innovation, the distinctive and recognizable feature of the company, involving, in a transversal way, not only processes and products but also the vision/identity of Euvitis 21 itself and its winery.
Upon its acquisition of the winery, Euvitis 21 launched an extensive investment plan that embraced the entire production site, improving both sustainability (clean energy and water management) and its overall technological set-up (grape processing, fermentation, wine evolution, packaging etc.), aimed at reaching ever more higher levels of quality, enhancing its potential while contemporarily safeguarding the environment.
Today the winery is evolving more and more versus a new, more dynamic and interactive relationship with its consumers, aimed at transforming the location of wine production into a location of emotional communication. Hence, the ongoing restructuring of the "Ocone" wine production site includes the creation of guest rooms for overnight stays and an elegant wine bar narrating the history permeating every bottle available for tasting on site.
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