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Already during my oenology studies in Alba, I followed the family winery, which produces wines in Vulture, in Basilicata.
San Martino was born in 2008, during a time when my father was still in charge of the production of the family business, and eager to challenge myself with the knowledge vested from my studies, I started taking care of a small production that only I was allowed to work with.
I am now 33 years old, and grew up living between vineyard and cellar; my interest in this incredible world has grown year after year, and now, in addition to following the family business that I took over since 2010 with my brother, I am still measuring myself with the production of San Martino, following 6 hectares, starting from the vineyard, grown with certified organic grapes, to the cellar, where I can produce wine that begins to take shape, as well as in my imagination, even in the bottle.
The criteria are very simple: I try to get healthy and just ripe grapes and the operations in the cellar are dictated by respect for the characteristics of each vintage, trying to enhance its qualities. I don't use selected yeasts.
My wines are children of the depth of the earth from which they are born, soils rich in matter, mineral and history.
The richness of the volcanic areas, the altitude of the vineyards, around 500 meters above sea level, an important and difficult grape variety, together with my sensitivity, is what I try to enclose in my wine.
I only vinify Aglianico del Vulture grapes in three different types:
SIIR - The name comes from the ancient Albanian dialect of the area, a wine that expresses perfectly the characteristics of the grape, but still focuses more on the freshness and the fruit, a more approachable wine
ARBERESKO - The name comes from the Arbëreshë, the ancient Albanian population of the area, a more traditional take on the grape, profound and deep but still incredibly balanced in all its characteristics
KAMAI - The name comes from the greek, meaning “from the soil”, it’s our DOCG and it’s a wine that we like to age for a few years in bottle before putting it in the market, the aging in bottle in a cellar is very different, since it doesn’t endure the stress of traveling, temperature change and many other variables. An austere and incredibly elegant take on Aglianico del Vulture.
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