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Our winery is located in the heart of Apulian Tavoliere, precisely in the area of Passo
d’Orta, countryside of Orta Nova: an area of 2.100 square meters where we have been
producing wine for four generations. In these lands, in our lush vineyards, with passion
and commitment we take care of the cultivation, the selection and the harvest of our
wonderful grapes in order to produce a certified organic fine wine. Exquisite fruit of our
work is our product line 60 PASSI, through which past meets present. An unique brand
that pays homage to the ancient origins of the Passo d’Orta area and to the historical
pathways used by the sheperds for the transhumance, called Tratturi Regi, whose width
is around sixty Neapolitan steps. Every bottle of the 60 PASSI product line contains the
taste of our best grapes and the scent of our land.
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